City of Winnipeg- Water Efficiency Study

Leading a team of water efficiency and leak detection experts, C3 Water has recently kicked off Phase 2 of Water Efficiency Study for the City of Winnipeg.  

During Phase 1, C3 Water led the development of a demand projection tool based on city-specific historical data and industry best-practices to forecast Winnipeg’s water demands to 2040. The forecasting model was built as a user-friendly and adjustable toll that accounts for user-specific demands, non-revenue water, natural water savings, and climate change factors. As part of this phase of the project, the team evaluated the City’s existing water efficiency programs and quantified the impact on water and cost savings. Research on best practices and innovative water efficiency measures were used to recommend new programming that aligned more closely with the Winnipeg’s future goals.

The next phase includes:

  • Evaluation of the City of Winnipeg’s Leak Detection Survey Program
  • Preliminary design for the replacement of treated water production meters at the Regional pumping stations.

As a result of this work, the City of Winnipeg will be poised to continue to manage its water supply with an efficiency strategy designed to improve system resiliency, lower energy costs and maintain revenues to support growth.

Lead Consultant:  C3 Water Inc.

Sub-Consultants:  Gauley & Associates, Watermark Solutions Ltd., Mike Fortin