Welcome to the C3 Water Team, Mike McKie, Ph.D., P.Eng.

C3 Water welcomes Michael McKie, Ph.D., P.Eng., to the team as a Water Systems Engineer! Mike’s 10 years of experience with Ontario’s Water industry will strengthen and broaden the skills at C3 Water.

Prior to joining C3 Water, Mike worked as a project manager with the Drinking Water Research Group at the University of Toronto following the completion of his M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. with the group. During this time, he worked with utilities across Ontario, Manitoba and Oregon to assist with process selection, optimization, design, implementation and instrumentation. He has extensive experience designing and completing bench-, pilot- and full-scale trials, including the design, construction, installation and operation of six pilot-scale filtration systems at Ontario treatment facilities. This work has provided him with process evaluation and optimization experience related to coagulation, biological filtration, ultrafiltration, ozone, ozone+peroxide advanced oxidation, UV, chlorination and chloramination for improved control of organics and disinfection by-products. In addition, he has examined distribution system water quality as it relates to disinfectant residual decay and has identified opportunities for improved energy efficiency in treatment facilities and distribution systems.

Mike currently serves as the Chair of the International Ozone Association Rookie Ozone Professional, Enthusiasts and Student (ROPES) committee and as publications chair for the American Water Works Association Biological Treatment Committee. He was the recipient of the Michael R. Provart Environmental Award for student presentation excellence at the Ontario Water Works Association Water Conference and Trade Show as well as a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship for leadership and scholarly achievement.

Mike is excited to apply his experience to identify and deliver solutions that provide innovative approaches to improving water quality and process efficiency.

We welcome Mike to the C3 Water team! Contact C3 Water to discuss how our team can help you optimize your system to improve water quality and reduce operational costs or challenges.