Staff Testimonial- Brad Sun

Water Specialist- Entry Level: Brad Sun, B.Sc., Materials Science & Engineering

I joined C3 Water about 7 months ago. As a new graduate, I was able to experience many aspects of engineering and received a tremendous amount of support along the way. Some of my current responsibilities include assisting in the engineering design of various water treatment plant upgrades across the Waterloo Region, modelling and completing hydraulic analysis of new developments, and gaining hands-on experience through on-site inspection of construction projects. It has been the most fruitful learning experience I’ve ever had, thanks to the mentorship of our team and expensed professional training courses. The career development and performance review meetings have also helped me to set great career and technical development goals, while receiving advice from experienced professionals on how to achieve my goals. I also really enjoy our work environment – although I spend most of my time working from home, I have still built a great relationship with our tight-knit team by booking time in the office and through social events.

Here is a photo from this year’s summer event, where I earned my silly hat by being the best loser in yard games.