Staff Testimonial- Sabrina Chang

Water Specialist- Intermediate: Sabrina Chang, B.A.Sc., E.I.T.

Hybrid Work Environment & Industry Association Highlights: I am grateful to work in a hybrid work environment that allows me to complete hydraulic modelling, design and contract administration from home, while still getting the opportunity to gain hands-on experience during construction inspection and field investigations with our multi-disciplinary team. A benefit of working at C3 Water is the encouragement and support to be actively involved in industry associations and conferences. I have had the opportunity to present at Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) and Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO) conferences. C3 Water has supported my role as the current Chair of the WEAO Young Professionals Committee, which is a unique opportunity that I don’t think I would have at many other work places.

Small Team and Work Environment Highlights: I can’t stress enough how valuable it has been to work with the multi-disciplinary team at C3 Water. I have had the opportunity to take on significant roles in a variety of water/wastewater projects including hydraulic modelling, master plan updates, inventory and condition assessments, standards development, and design and construction administration and inspection. I have learned so much in my first four (4) years by being involved in different types of projects and have had the opportunity to lead projects in a project manager role. The variety of work and the ability to figure out what types of projects I enjoy and excel at early in my career has been rewarding. This will help me become a more well-rounded engineer in the future. C3 Water supports me in pursuing projects and work that interests me and values my opinion of where I want to develop my career.