World Water Day

What a great week to be working in water!

World Water Day is always time for exciting water related events and 2023 was no exception.

Mike McKie was honoured to be a panelist during the One Water World Water celebration and 58th Central Canada Water Quality Research Symposium hosted by York University and CAWQ ACQE. He states, “I truly appreciated the opportunity to share my experience in transitioning from academia to the water industry and it was encouraging to see the enthusiasm of the next generation of water and wastewater professionals.”

On Thursday, Mike attended the OWWA Treatment seminar which provided an ideal venue to learn more about the impacts of climate change and how it may impact Ontario water systems as well as to connect with water professionals from across Ontario. It was a day full of presentations and networking, providing a reminder of how great the water industry is.

It is encouraging to see all of the efforts that the water industry is putting in to keep our water safe and prepare for everything that the future has to throw at us.