C3 Water at WEAO 2023

Last week WEAO hosted another productive conference with active participation of several members of the C3 Water team!

This year, the C3W Darts Tournament tradition was introduced to WEAO conference attendees. A big thank you to everyone who joined us at the C3W Darts Tournament at the WEAO Conference on Sunday in support of Operators Without Borders.

Congratulations to our 301 Darts Tournament winners: 1st Place: Jonathan G. (19 throws) 2nd Place: David Chamberlain (20 throws) 3rd Place: Robert Haller & Matthew Malone, (21 throws).

C3W team members volunteer with WEAO IWS, Collections, WFP, and YP Committees. At the conference C3W’s Sabrina Chang received two WEAO Service Awards for her roles as Young Professional Committee Chair and WEAO Board YP representative. She states, “These volunteer opportunities were such an amazing experience and I was able to connect with so many leaders of the water/wastewater industry. Looking forward to what this next year with WEAO holds as I move on to Past-Chair of the YPs and decide how to get involved next.

After co-chairing and attending sessions, managing committee booths and connecting with clients in-person, we’d call this conference a huge success!

Looking forward to next year’s joint WEAO/OWWA Conference!