Region of Waterloo- Design and Construction Services for Region Well Supply Disinfection System Upgrades

The Terms of Reference for the Assessment of Groundwater Systems Potentially Under the Influence of Surface Water (GUDI-TOR) and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Procedure for Disinfection are in the process of being updated to address the federal requirement for groundwater disinfection, which is now 4-log virus inactivation.  Detailed investigations into the level of disinfection achieved at Region of Waterloo (Region) supply wells, system wide, were carried out by C3 Water Inc. (C3W).

Groundwater wells H3, H3A, H4A, G5, G5A, and G9 were identified as requiring upgrades through the preliminary investigation/study. The installation of chlorine contact chambers was identified to be the most effective upgrade solution for these facilities based on a lifecycle cost analysis of upgrade alternatives. The Region retained C3W to carry out design and construction services for upgrade implementation.

Project scope included;

  • Preliminary design.
  • Schedule C amendments to the existing Drinking Water Works Permit (DWWP) and Drinking Water Licenses (DWL).
  • Detailed design.
  • Tender period assistance.
  • Construction administration.
  • Site inspection services.
  • Post-construction and warranty period services.

Construction was successfully completed in September 2018.  C3 Water is currently providing post-construction and warranty period support services.

During the preliminary design phase, C3W retained and coordinated geotechnical site investigations at each of the facilities to determine the construction implications associated with chlorine contact chamber excavation and installation. Both borehole samples and conductivity analysis were carried out.

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