Region of Waterloo- P&ID Standard Development

The Region of Waterloo hired C3 Water to assist in developing a Water Services specific process flow diagram (PFD) and process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) standard.  Standard development proves very useful in the design of new facilities, upgrades, expansions and maintenance of existing water infrastructure. The standard provides a consistent representation of the current water services system and leads to an increased understanding and knowledge of the Region’s water supply and treatment processes and facilities.

A workshop setting was used to develop the standard. The final standard included:

  • Standard AutoCAD files complete with layer and line designations, and associated printing instructions.
  • A palette for selecting standard CAD objects from the legend for use in drawings to improve symbol consistency.
  • A water focused legend including process instrument and equipment and valve and actuator symbols, line designations, tagging instructions, control signal designations, and many other features.
  • Standard device blocks developed for two reasons:
    • To clean up the presentation on the drawings and free up space.
    • To present the standard operational interface, control network linkage and standard control signals for each type of device.  While it was recognized that not all manufacturer’s might be able to deliver the standard interface and control system linkage and signals, the standard serves as a sound starting point for negotiations.
  • Standard text document providing a written guide to the application of the standard and development of the drawings.
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