Region of Waterloo- St. Jacob’s Booster Pumping Station & Reservoir Inlet Piping Upgrades

In 2015 the Region of Waterloo (RMOW) required assistance for design and construction services for the implementation of an alternative reservoir fill piping arrangement at the St. Jacobs booster pumping station and reservoir facility. The facility boosts pressures for the supply of water to St. Jacobs and Elmira from the Waterloo pressure zone. The original reservoir fill line, installed in the 1990s, conveyed water to the reservoir through a globe style control valve. Due to the existing piping arrangement maintenance of the valve (and replacement) required a complete shutdown of flows into the reservoir.

The design team decided that the addition of a new reservoir fill by-pass line, and replacement of the exiting line would be required to enhance the reliability of the station. C3W provided project management, process design, construction services, and structural design, while Cole Engineering provided electrical, instrumentation
& control, and SCADA design services.

High level tasks included as part of the scope were:

  • Preliminary assessment of design alternatives on site with RMOW staff and identification of the preferred alternative
  • Preliminary design of new process piping layout and hydraulic design for a new 200 mm and 250 mm reservoir fill line taking into consideration current and future demands, as well as current measured flows at the facility
  • Detailed design of process piping, control, electrical, and pipe supports/thrust restraints for the new reservoir fill lines which included back pressure sustaining valves and butterfly valves for isolation
  • Preparation of a detailed preliminary transition plan to provide guidance for required shut-down, construction phasing, commissioning, and disinfection activities required throughout construction
  • Water modeling to assess and confirm the allowable duration of planned shut downs required throughout transition to the new piping arrangement.  Modelling also demonstrated that the supply for St. Jacobs was feasible without pumping, resulting in significant operational savings
  • Pre-tender and tender period services including generation of tender package, bidders meeting presentation, and answering of contractor questions through tender period.
  • Construction period services including contract administration, site inspection, and commissioning support.

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