Regional Municipality of Waterloo WMS System Assistance

In 2013 the Regional Municipality of Waterloo Water Services Division began an implementation of recommendations made to improve their maintenance work flow and computerized maintenance management system or works management system (WMS). This work is being done in close co-ordination with the Region’s Corporate Asset Management initiative.

Project Objectives include:

The development of a web-based asset management tool (AMT) for a system wide asset inventory and data input interface for asset information generated from capital and infrastructure renewal projects. The AMT will also be used for infrastructure renewal and maintenance cash flow generation.

The Region’s existing WMS System, Avantis will to serve as an asset inventory database and work order management tool. Once a WMS software is selected at the corporate level, then this data will be transferred to the new system.

The development of software links to allow for two-way data transfer between the Region’s Avantis WMS system and the AMT such that asset information can be coordinated and kept current in both systems.

Definition of work orders and work order contents and support materials. This work includes the identifying work order triggers which can be driven by a new category of SCADA alarm, the maintenance alarm, and the integration of these alarms such that they automatically trigger a work order via a software link to the WMS.

With methodologies defined, the work is being demonstrated through a pilot implementation at the Shades Mill WTP, prior to being rolled out to the remainder of the system.

We acknowledge our industry partner on this project, Eramosa Engineering Inc.

6.0 RMOW WMS System Assistance

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