Water Efficiency Strategy, 2015 Update, City of Guelph

The City of Guelph required updates to their efficiency programs in order to better meet the water use reduction targets of their 2006 Water Supply Master Plan. C3 Water, in conjunction with Gauley Associates and Freeman Associates, completed the following tasks:

• Development of a Community Engagement Plan: To maintain contact and engage the public and stakeholders, the community engagement plan consisted of a series of Public Information Centres, a Community Liaison Committee, and a Residential & Business Market Research Study.
• Measurement of Water Conservation and Efficiency Program Progress: The city’s water savings were analyzed and separated into natural, direct, and indirect savings. Net present value of water and wastewater capital investment deferrals were quantified.
• Analysis of Water Demand and Consumption by Sector: An analysis of historical trends, high-use versus low-use customers, and separation of demands into single-family, multifamily, ICI, and nonrevenue components was undertaken.
• Evaluation of Water Conservation and Efficiency Programs: A prioritization of potential measures based on criteria such as: total potential water savings, customer acceptance, cost, ease of implementation, and impact on water rates and infrastructure needs.
• Strategy Implementation Plan: Identification, analysis, detailed financial modelling, and considerations on the impacts of phasing of water efficiency strategy alternatives.
For more information: http://guelph.ca/plans-and-strategies/water-efficiency-strategy/

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