Region of Waterloo- P&ID Standard Development

The Region of Waterloo hired C3 Water to assist in developing a Water Services specific process flow diagram (PFD) and process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) standard.  Standard development proves very useful in the design of new facilities, upgrades, expansions and maintenance of existing water infrastructure. The standard provides a consistent representation of the current water services system and leads to an increased understanding and knowledge of the Region’s water supply and treatment processes and facilities.

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Regional Municipality of Waterloo- Middleton Water Treatment Plant Asset Inventory & Condition Assessment

The Region of Waterloo, Water Services Division, hired C3 Water Inc. to facilitate a full multi-disciplined asset inventory and condition assessment of the Middleton Water Treatment Plant. The plant is located on Middleton Street in Cambridge. The plant is the City’s largest water supply consisting of five (5) groundwater wells, a well pump to waste facility, a UV/hydrogen peroxide advanced oxidation treatment process, in-ground storage with sodium hypochlorite for primary and secondary disinfection, and a high lift pumping station. The plant has gone through numerous expansions since first being commissioned in the 1890’s. Much of the infrastructure from the originally spring collector fed water supply remains intact on the site on the site. The latest upgrade was completed to address rising trichloroethylene (TCE) concentrations and microbiological concerns related to the impact of surface water on the supply wells.

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