F.M. Woods WTP Upgrades

C3W was retained by the City of Guelph for the conceptual design for a two-phase upgrade being completed at the F.M. Woods WTP.

The first phase of the project involves converting the original pump station facility (ca.1879), which was designated as a City Heritage property in 1997, into office space for technical services and conservation staff.   The second phase of the project will see the construction of a replacement 1050 L/s pump station and wet well, replacement of the electrical power supply and distribution system, refurbishment of existing O&M facilities, construction of a new administration building and associated controls upgrades. 

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Region of Waterloo- Design and Construction Services for Region Well Supply Disinfection System Upgrades

The Terms of Reference for the Assessment of Groundwater Systems Potentially Under the Influence of Surface Water (GUDI-TOR) and the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Procedure for Disinfection are in the process of being updated to address the federal requirement for groundwater disinfection, which is now 4-log virus inactivation.  Detailed investigations into the level of disinfection achieved at Region of Waterloo (Region) supply wells, system wide, were carried out by C3 Water Inc. (C3W).

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Region of Waterloo- St. Jacob’s Booster Pumping Station & Reservoir Inlet Piping Upgrades

In 2015 the Region of Waterloo (RMOW) required assistance for design and construction services for the implementation of an alternative reservoir fill piping arrangement at the St. Jacobs booster pumping station and reservoir facility. The facility boosts pressures for the supply of water to St. Jacobs and Elmira from the Waterloo pressure zone. The original reservoir fill line, installed in the 1990s, conveyed water to the reservoir through a globe style control valve. Due to the existing piping arrangement maintenance of the valve (and replacement) required a complete shutdown of flows into the reservoir.

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Region of Waterloo- P&ID Standard Development

The Region of Waterloo hired C3 Water to assist in developing a Water Services specific process flow diagram (PFD) and process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) standard.  Standard development proves very useful in the design of new facilities, upgrades, expansions and maintenance of existing water infrastructure. The standard provides a consistent representation of the current water services system and leads to an increased understanding and knowledge of the Region’s water supply and treatment processes and facilities.

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City of Guelph- FM Woods Sodium Hypochlorite System Upgrade

In 2015, City of Guelph Water Services identified the need for a replacement sodium hypochlorite system at the FM Woods Water Treatment Plant. The FM Woods WTP constitutes the largest supply of water to the City and as such its operational reliability is extremely important. The existing sodium hypochlorite dosing system, installed in 2005, consisted of PVC piping complete with glued joints and was prone to leaks. In addition the existing diaphragm metering pumps are prone to solids buildup and required frequent maintenance.

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