City of Cambridge- Water Audit & Water Loss Study

As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce water losses in the water distribution system, and reduce the levels of Non-Revenue water, the consultant team was hired by the City of Cambridge to perform an International Water Association (IWA) Water Audit and Water Balance for 2016. This audit quantifies water and revenue loss through physical leaks and apparent losses, helping the team to identify steps to minimize and improve system efficiency. The audit results serve as the baseline data to help the City to measure progress over time and aid in establishing a cost effective Infrastructure Leak Index (ILI) target.

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Impact of Proposed Provincial Well Supply Treatment Guidance Changes on the Region of Waterloo’s Water Supply System

The Region of Waterloo (Region), Water Services Division, hired C3 Water Inc. (C3W) to carry out a system wide review of the level of disinfection achieved at their system supply wells. The scope of work included identifying the impact of the proposed provincial well supply treatment guidance changes on the Region’s well water supplies, given existing system conditions and treatment infrastructure. Both the Terms of Reference for the Assessment of Groundwater Systems Potentially Under the Influence of Surface Water (GUDI-TOR) and the Procedure for Disinfection of Water Supplies in the Province of Ontario (PFD) are currently in the process of being updated. It is anticipated that these documents will echo the Canadian Federal Government’s move from a minimum treatment level of 2-log virus inactivation to 4-log virus inactivation for well supplies. Of this total required 4-log virus inactivation for primary disinfection, at least 2-log virus inactivation much be achieved through chlorine disinfection.

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Region of Halton- Prospect Park Water Facilities Treatment Strategy Review

The objective of the project was to review the plan to expand the treatment capacity at the Prospect Park Water Facilities (PPWF) to support future growth, while improving operability.  The key issues to address was a highly variable raw water ammonia concentration which rendered the iron and manganese pre-oxidation process almost impossible to control.  This was particularly true given the long reaction time required to address chelated manganese resulting in significant process dead time.  Mitigation of downstream impacts on filter media, disinfection process and chemical water balance, as well as improved operability were desired outcomes of the study.  C3W lead the investigation for problem definition, identification and evaluation of alternative solutions, pilot scale projects, and recommendation of a preferred solution.

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